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David Cantero’s Hilarious and raucously raunchy DICK: 9 inches and unemployed comes to Class Comics!

Poor Dick just can’t seem to hold down a job. Sure, he’s handsome, built like a tank and has an incredible nine-inch cock… but that right there is the problem. Seems his dong’s always landing him into trouble and getting him fired.

Dick’s a really great, talented guy, but his bosses are always more interested in his meat and potatoes than in his work skills.

Mark stands in the way of Dick and David’s happiness, but when it comes to Mark, Dick can’t seem to stop thinking with his… well, DICK!

This hilarious volume is classic Cantero at it’s very best. It blends clever humor with incredibly hot sex and beautiful male bodies and engages on every level. You feel for Dick… and want to feel Dick up too. What more could you want in a comic?

Will our titular hunk ever find true love… or you know… A FUCKING JOB?!? DICK: 9 inches and unemployedis now available from Class Comics as an exclusive Class Access Digital Comic in our New Comic Shop!